NeckZen Cervical Neck Head Pain Relief Traction Pillows Shoulder Support Bed Pillow


Gently stretches, relaxes and rejuvenates neck and shoulders anyplace, anytime. *AMAZING NATURAL PAIN RELIEF SOLUTION Safe, simple and effective solution to sooth away neck and shoulder aches and pains. Helps alleviate tension and stress, increases relaxation, and promotes healing. A must-have for deep relaxation, work breaks, long days at work and exercise recovery.


SCIENTIFICALLY AND ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED Exclusive design supports and cradles your head and neck and gently pulls your head away from your shoulders. It helps restore and maintain the normal, natural, and healthy C curvature of the neck. The muscles relax, tension and pressure are released, and the pain goes away.




The Pain Relaxing Therapy Pillow is scientifically designed to reduce tension by cradling the neck along the base of the skull taking all of the weight of the head from the shoulders and neck allowing for full complete deep relaxation.

No more medication! It is completely non-toxic and is the simplest, least expensive means to deeply relax your tired, sore neck and shoulders.



Designed with one thing in mind, deep relaxation.

Imagine having a skilled massage therapist gently and firmly holding your head while you completely surrender the weight of your head into their healing hands. The Pain Relaxing Therapy Pillow can accomplish this experience for you allowing for deep and profound muscle comfort anywhere!

  • Deep and Profound Muscle Relaxation
  • Results can be felt within 30 seconds
  • Can help the battle against stress and fatigue
  • Travel-friendly and beneficial
  • Relieves neck and shoulder tension
  • Releases muscle tension even in the jaw
  • Alleviate snoring problem


Relax the weight of your head into the soft yet supportive inner surface while the device gently holds your head up. You can now allow the many tight agonizing muscles of your neck and shoulders to finally relax!

Reset your natural neck posture and give the supporting muscles a well-deserved break.


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