Neck Brace


Support your neck, relieve pain and improve your posture with our innovative award-winning Neck Brace. As well as being discreet, sleek and stylish, the Neck Brace also provides all the support of a traditional Neck Brace, with improved comfort to wear. The lightest and most discreet Neck Support on the market, its nylon structure is designed to feel cooler and less constricting than other standard neck supports.




Award Winning Design | Unlike Any Other Neck Brace

  • The world’s lightest and most discreet neck brace
  • A nylon structure that feels cooler and less restrictive
  • Allows greater movement than prescribed neck braces
  • Endorsed by London Spine Clinic Harley Street
  • Instantly corrects head alignment


Low profile & barely noticeable

Slim, sturdy and sleek, the BACK Neck Brace is revolutionary in design and provides more than the support of traditional neck support. Importantly, it’s also the lightest and most discreet non-constricting neck support on the market.


Mold to fit for the most comfortable fit possible!

The flexi-core spokes have been specifically designed to be lightly molded to tighten or loosen the neck brace for the perfect fit. By supporting your neck, the Neck Brace takes the weight of your head and allows any damaged soft tissue and muscles time to recover.


Lightweight, discreet & Functional! Support your neck in seconds

The nylon structure is designed to feel cooler and less constricting than other standard neck supports. And that is why our neck brace is like no other. The Neck Brace also has a fully adjustable strap with an easy to use velcro fastener, including cushioned padding on both the chin and chest area.


Low Profile – Wear it under or over your clothes

We have made the Neck Brace super discreet. It is practically invisible when worn under even a T-Shirt. And due to the hypoallergenic breathable material, you can wear it for hours without even knowing it is there.

The only thing you will notice is that your neck posture has improved and you feel more supported while doing everyday tasks.


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