HailiCare Knee Joint Pain Relief Massager Arthritis Physiotherapy Heat Vibratio


Knee and joint pains are not just the old age problem but happen to every adult, especially when you are having a strenuous activity. To ease your pain, we bring you this amazing Heat Knee Joint Pain Massager Machine which will give you relief in seconds.


This massager is here to take away your pain. You get to choose whether you just want to feel the massage or you want to feel a little warmth. Use the vibration button for just the massage and heating button to feel the warmth. Isn’t it the best knee massager machine?




The MKV Magnetic Knee Massager is an amazing piece of equipment that uses magnetic energy, heats and vibrates the knee joint and tendons, to offer a light Therapeutic massage at home.


How It Works?

The Built-in motor vibration massager relieves tension in tendons and muscles. The intensity and level can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.  The adjustable heat sends healing and pain relieving warmth through the affected areas of your knee. Asiatic wormwood physiotherapy heat for clearing detumescence. Promotes “Qi” to activate blood circulation.



  •  Fixed-point therapy – Sports quality knee pads, which remain firmly fixed attached to the knee, helps keep the heat over your knee.
  • Electronic Vibration Massage – Built-in motor vibration massager, relieves tension in tendons and muscles.
  • Adjustable Heat – Hot compress has the effect of vasodilation, promote local metabolism, relieve muscle spasms, promote inflammation and blood stasis.


Symptoms Treated:

  • Treats stiffness, tightness, mobility issues, Problems sitting or standing.
  • Pain during walking, climbing stairs, or normal joint movement.
  • Pain at the joint during climate change or cloudy weather (during low pressure times).
  • Treats frequent discomfort at the joint or lack of flexibility.
  • Treats swollen Joints and tightness and stiffness after moderate activity.


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